martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

you do daily?

I get up at 7:00 in the morning to marry and then I go home to rest

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

What Am I Wearing?

I'm wearing blue jeans, a white top, a pink jacket, white sneakers, a nice hat, earrings and make up.

The girl on the left is wearing khakis, a blue top, beige scarf and black high heels shoes.

The girl on the middle is wearing black pants, a black jacket, black shoes and a black purse. The girl on the right is wearing black pants, black high heel shoes, a dark gray skirt, a black purse, a white tank top and a gray scarf.

"About how much money do you spend on clothes a year?"

I think I spend about 1 Million Bolivares in one year on my clothes. Mostly in December and on vacations.

My favorite clothes:
- Blue jeans.
- T-shirts
- Sports shoes.

Formal clothes:
- Short open formal dress.
- High heel sandals.
- Flashy accesories.

sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

What do I do in weekends?

On Saturday, I wake up at nine o' clock, I eat breakfast and do all of my homework so I have free time on Sunday, then I eat lunch and watch TV and usually rest the rest of the day until the evening when I sometimes go out with my Arab boyfriend. On Sundays I spend all day watching movies.